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Throwback Thursday - Forensic Video Examiner Robbie Lloyd

Throwback Thursday - Forensic Video Examiner Robbie Lloyd

This week for Throwback Thursday we are highlighting Forensic Video Examiner Robbie Lloyd.

Robbie began his career with the Milwaukee Police Department in 1994 and was assigned to patrol duties at District 2 after graduating from the Milwaukee Police Academy. Throughout his career, he has worked at several districts and divisions which include but are not limited to the Vice Control Division and HIDTA. When Robbie was assigned to District 5 in 2002 he was extremely pleased. He stated, “My main goal in law enforcement was to patrol a neighborhood I grew up in, working in District 5 afforded me that opportunity."

Having an interest in crime scene photography, he applied to MPD’s Forensic Division in 2004. While assigned to that division he supported police officers, detectives, and other law enforcement investigative teams by locating, collecting, documenting and processing evidence. He, along with other forensic investigators assisted in solving countless crimes and identifying several criminals.

In 2010, Robbie was promoted to Forensic Video Examiner, a position that requires him to perform forensic examinations of analog and digital video evidence.

Based on his work ethic, his video production background and his overall capabilities, Robbie was selected to produce video content for the Office of the Chief.

Robbie was born and raised in the City of Milwaukee and is a proud graduate of Hamilton High School. He has obtained several law enforcement certifications including digital video evidence recovery, iNPUT-ACE, and FBI’s Digital Imaging & Video Recovery Team (DIVRT).

Robbie also proudly served in the United States Marines Corps and is a combat veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

After 25 years of service, Forensic Video Examiner Robbie Lloyd will be retiring from MPD on November 15, 2019. Thank you Robbie for your dedication and for serving the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Police Department.

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