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Meritorious Monday- Officer Gordy and Officer McCowan

Meritorious Monday- Officer Gordy and Officer McCowan

The Milwaukee Police Department is proud to honor and recognize members of our organization and everyday citizens for the extraordinary acts they performed. These brave and selfless men and women placed their lives on the line for the safety of our community.

On April 26, 2019, Officer Richard Gordy and Officer Kelton McCowan responded to a suicide attempt, where a 22-year-old woman was sitting on the eighth-floor ledge of a building threatening to jump. Prior to the arrival of officers, she consumed a large quantity of alcohol and ingested both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Upon arrival, Officer Gordy established a dialogue with the woman who was upset due to a recent romantic break up and suffered from mental health issues. After time passed, it was apparent that she began to experience the effects of the alcohol and drugs she had taken. Fearing the young woman may accidentally fall from the ledge of the building; the officers made the decision to deploy resources to extricate her. Officers Gordy and McCowan maintained the woman’s attention and kept her focused while firefighters prepared for the extraction.

Unknown to the woman, the firefighter began to repel down the side of the building towards the woman. Just as the firefighter came into view, Officer Gordy grabbed her. The woman then jumped and was suspended in the air by the efforts of the firefighter, Officer Gordy and Officer McCowan. Suddenly, the firefighter lost grasp of the woman. Fortunately, Officer Gordy and Officer McCowan maintained their hold, and prevented her from falling to her death.

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