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Northwest Milwaukee is All Milwaukee

District Seven comprises a 13.32 square mile area with a district population in excess of 102,000 residents, making it a city to itself.

Originally, it was home to Milwaukee’s first business owners during the 1920s and 1930s, when the area represented the furthest part of the city. Later, it was the heart of the Jewish community. Now, District Seven features a large, diverse population. With its tree-lined streets, an accessible location to downtown and many affordable homes, including several architecturally unique buildings, it’s obvious why District Seven has become so popular.

On the eastern end of the district is a portion of the Century City industrial complex. The Westside of the district features parks like Kahl Park, Sherman Park, Dineen Park, Kops Park, Cooper Park, Nash Park and Lindsay Park. It’s also home to many distinct and vibrant neighborhoods such as Sherman Park, Grasslyn Manor, Enderis Park and the area around Mt. Mary University.

The District Seven Police Station
is located at 3626 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.

MPD in District Seven

Tactics, programs and community outreach used by the police department throughout the district.

neighborhood walks

Neighborhood Walks

Officers partner with aldermen and community leaders to canvas the neighborhoods in an effort to make both businesses and residents feel safe and to educate the community on safety and security.

community prosecution unit

Community Prosecution Unit

The MPD works closely with community organizers, aldermen and the Department of Neighborhood Service (DNS) to target quality of life issues and help address long term issues specific to the district.


District Events

Officers partner with community leaders to host events that help improve community relations through events like an annual Easter Egg Hunt.

peace walks

Peace Walks

MPD officers walk shoulder to shoulder with District Seven Clergy on a block, or in a neighborhood, that has recently experienced violent crime.

District Seven 2017 Crime Stats vs. Previous Year

Versus the previous year, decreases in motor vehicle theft (-24%), burglaries (-15%), and theft (-13%).


Motor Vehicle Theft





Community Leaders

Hersh Hiller

Sherman Park Citizens Patrol

Hersh is the Sherman Park Citizens Patrol Co-Coordinator. He is an active participant within his community, regularly attending monthly Crime & Safety Meetings. He’s a member of the District Seven Police Auxiliary force, a co-Block Watch Captain and is a co-founder of the Sherman Park Citizens Patrol.

Abie Eisenbach

Sherman Park Community Patrol Coordinator

Abie has been a resident of the Sherman Park neighborhood for over two decades. Abie was a co-founder of the 3300 block N. 54th Street Block Watch and was also a co-founder of the Sherman Park Citizens patrol.

Lynn Hines-Levy

Seventh District Faith Based Initiative
Head Chaplain

Lynn lives in the Nash Park Neighborhood. Shen is an original member and active participant in the District Seven’s Faith Based Initiative, a partnership between the MPD and The Salvation Army Chaplaincy program. She now serves as the district’s Head Chaplain and responds to crime scenes to provide spiritual and emotional care as well as resources for Police Officers, victims and their families, and those in need.


Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound’s mission is to unite residents, youth, law enforcement and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods.
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PEPP Nation

PEPP Nation’s mission is to provide the highest quality mentoring environment for student athletes with the goal of creating well rounded citizens who take their education and play to higher levels.
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MPD Resources

Various MPD organizations and community programs are available to assist a variety of communities across Milwaukee.